After the surprise of “Al-Sheikh” .. “# No_to resignation_Turkish_al-Sheikh” most frequently discussed on Twitter (details)


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The hashtag “#NoTeqalet_Turkey_Sheikh” was the most heavily traded on the social networking site “Twitter”, hours after the publication of the speech of Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of Al-Ahly club, regarding Al-Ahly’s honorary presidency.

Thousands of Egyptian football followers in general, and Al-Ahly fans in particular, were among the pioneers of Twitter, in the hashtag. Participants in the “hashtag” expressed their adherence to the presence of Turki Al-Sheikh as the honorary president of the Al-Ahly Club and the construction of the Sports City of the Horn of Africa Club.

Turki Al-Sheikh, who is currently receiving treatment abroad, sent a letter to Al-Khatib. Al-Sheikh said in his speech on his Facebook page, Wednesday: “I was honored with the honorary presidency of the club granted to me by your board of directors and I wished to serve the entity and I will continue, God willing, I submitted my resignation on 25_5_2018, and I have not been notified officially until the moment To accept the resignation. ”

He added: “I hope from your esteemed council the speedy resolution of the matter and my advice as soon as possible, wishing the great Al-Ahly club and all success and success to our beloved Egypt, goodness and prosperity, and I will continue to love the club and its fans.”


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