After the villa was “killed” … Nancy Ajram’s continued presence in The Voice Kids was decided


After the “villa” incident, in which a Syrian woman was killed by her husband with 18 bullets in different parts of the body, mbc channel management resolved the controversy about the position of the artist Nancy Ajram’s continuity with the “Voice Voice Kids” program.

A source in the channel said, according to Egyptian media, that there is no intention to exclude Nancy from the program in its current season, and everything that is circulated is baseless.

He revealed that the currently broadcasted episodes of The Voice kids program are recorded and Nancy Ajram has already finished with them, and there is no reason to exclude the Lebanese artist, who has a large audience, from the program and the matter has not been developed for discussion at all.

He added that the program has one episode left, which is the last episode that is broadcast live, and Nancy is scheduled to attend the episode without any complications or problems.


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