After threatening her, a famous YouTuber announces that she is a transsexual


In less than two days, the host of the popular video clip, “Nikki de Jager”, got 14 million views on YouTube. After she posted a video on her channel that showed the truth, she shocked everyone, that she was a man.

Nikki de Jager became famous in 2015, as she is a famous Dutch makeup artist at the age of 25, who managed to reach millions through her YouTube channel, under her famous name Nikki Tottorials, after she published a video entitled “The Power of Make-up”, which It has spread widely, has reached over 12 million subscribers, and has made fictional hits.

“I was born in the wrong body,” Nikki said in the video broadcast on her channel. She admitted that she was a man but could not tolerate her presence in the men’s ranks because her tendencies were feminine and after consulting the doctor, she was allowed to transfer.

Nikki added that she had received many threatening messages in the recent period from the enemies of her success after her popularity on YouTube and threatened her to expose her and defame her image in front of her fans, so she broadcast that video and admitted to everyone that secret that she was afraid of.

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