After working with the biggest stars … this actor is the best from the viewpoint of director Tarantino


Prepare Director Quentin Tarantino One of the most important directors in the world of world cinema, after he presented during his career, 9 films that many describe as one of the most important and best Hollywood films in its artistic history, the latest being Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which was co-starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

Quentin Tarantino, who has become a directing school in its own right and whose name has become an icon that the stars are flocking to work with, recently answered a very difficult question, when he revealed his opinion about the best young actor who is presently in the artistic scene in Hollywood and said his determination with confidence during one of his recent press interviews. .

Tarantino confirmed that Chris Pine is the actor he currently sees as the best young actor in Hollywood, based on his previous work and his development to a large extent, along with his knowledge of him years ago when they worked together during a film he co-starred with star Denzel Washington as ““ unstoppable ”

He also clarified that he has a great talent that allows him to represent all the representative colors between comedy or action to other representative colors, which made him reach what he reached in a short time.

It is worth noting that the director Quentin Tarantino, once he made these statements on the Rewatchables program, was reported by newspapers and international sites, after he confirmed that he was one of the most important admirers of the Chris Pine method, since they worked together 10 years ago during the “unstoppable”.

On the other hand, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” was nominated for more than one Oscar recently, which he is expected to compete with, and Tarantino may win one of them as the best director of his latest film.


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