Against the backdrop of optimism that the Asian trade deal will be signed .. Gold is witnessing a global decline


After the gains made by the Asian stock markets on Monday during morning trading and the possibility of concluding the commercial deal, gold prices witnessed a global decline, as the rise of Asian shares negatively affected the price of gold at the global level, where shares rose to the highest level in 19 months before the planned signing .

Gold is declining globally

A date has been set for the signing of the trade agreement between the United States and China in the White House next Wednesday, which has greatly reflected on the gold market, and the US Secretary of Commerce “Stephen Mnuchin” confirmed that China is committed to signing its agreement for the first phase of the agreement during the weekend and Disclosure of the obligations of the deal soon during this week.

Against optimism about the signing of the Asian commercial deal .. Gold is witnessing a global decline 1 13/1/2020 - 2:21 pm

The low price of the dollar, which continues to go down, led investors to gold and invest in other currencies similar to the US dollar, and by seven in the morning GMT, the price of gold futures contracts to be delivered next February fell by .3% to record an ounce price of $ 1555.60 $ 4.5, the spot delivery price fell by 5% to record $ 1555.11 an ounce.

The gold price today in Egypt

We offer you the gold price today in Egypt with automatic updating as soon as the international and local price changes through our Egyptian stars website, where we publish different price quotes for you before adding the price of workmanship, which varies from one jeweler to another and between the piece and the other.

Average gold prices today at Al Sagha stores in Egypt without workmanship
UnitThe price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 caliber782 to 784
22 caliber717 to 719
Caliber 21684 to 686
18-gauge586 to 588
Caliber 14456 to 457
12-gauge391 to 392
The ounce24,311 to 24,382
Pound of gold5,472 to 5,488
Kilo781,714 to 784,000
Gold prices may vary from one goldsmith’s to another


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