“Agricultural Quarantine” reveals the reasons why the Chinese are importing Egyptian oranges


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Mr. Al-Quseir, the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, mandated the Egyptian agricultural quarantine to open new markets to Egyptian agricultural products, to support the national economy and provide foreign exchange, as part of the state’s plan to open new outlets that absorb Egyptian agricultural products.

Dr. Ahmed El-Attar, Head of the Central Administration of Agricultural Quarantine, said that Egypt ranked first in terms of exporting oranges to Chinese markets with a value of 140 million dollars, in addition to exporting other products such as grapes and dates during this year 2020 will witness the beginning of the export of Egyptian pomegranate to the Chinese markets.

Al-Attar added, that more than one million and 700 thousand tons of citrus fruits were exported to various countries of the world during 2019, and Egyptian agricultural exports recorded the highest rate, as they exceeded the barrier of five and a half million tons during the year, which confirms the quality of Egyptian agricultural products whether for export Or for the local market.

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