Ahmed Abu Hashima in Khadesh’s video, insulting the artists … Did Haifa Wehbe smell?


The social media on behalf of the free Egyptian businessman, Haifa Wehbe, Ahmed Abu Hashima, is buzzing against the background of the spread of a video clip in which he exchanged chattering conversations with one of the girls.

In response to a question that she asked about the artist he likes, he replied: “All of them passed”, indicating that the relationship between him and them combined.

And on the reason for the failure of these relations, he said: “Two monsters” are bad. The spread of the video caused a sensation among the followers, while it was later indicated that a gang had leaked it in order to blackmail Abu Hashima.

In this regard, pictures were published of a woman and two men who were said to be members of that gang. Later, attention turned to the actor Haifa Wehbe, who drew attention to a statement she posted on her account on the site “Twitter” and it said: “Life is rotating and afflicts the oppressor with what is unfair and the shame with what you smell and the abuser with what was offended. Do not be sad and Rick fairer fair.” Many followers considered this comment on the issue of what was known as the “Abu Hashima scandal.”


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