Ahmed Al-Awadi “Trend” because of Yasmine Abdel Aziz (full story)


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The artist Ahmed Al-Awadhi led the “Google” trend today, after he published pictures with the artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz, during her celebration of her birthday, but “Al-Awadi” approached the artist with the video clips, and the same position took place in more than one image, until they appeared on their own, raised more questions. .

And Al-Awadi, via Instagram, published their photos, commenting: “Yasmin’s birthday,” adding the heart tag. As for Yasmin, she added pictures of her birthday with the artists, including clips with “Ahmed,” and placed only a heart comment. It was not the first time, and last November, Yasmine took a picture and behind her “Al-Awadi”, commenting: “For the last breath,” accompanied by a heart stroke.

From here, comments and speculation about their association were filled, and the account of “Naglaa Muhammad” said: “We say congratulations,” and commented on a second account, “Sarah”: “I am not certain about your love of you two.”

And the comments follow: “Weird, Yasmin, you wouldn’t imagine any side in this way other than if there is anything between you and you will surprise us soon.” Wishes for their marriage came, but the two parties have not yet clarified whether their relationship does not fall outside the framework of work or intend to fulfill the wishes of the public.

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It is reported that “Abdulaziz” separated from her husband, months ago, from businessman Mohamed Halawa, and soon her ex-husband was associated with the artist Reham Hajjaj. On the other side, Al-Awadi is an artist who graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Helwan University in 2006, and he liked boxing. Before moving on to acting in 2009, it was nominated by artist Nour al-Sharif and director Youssef Sharaf al-Din to play a role in the series “Matkhafoush”.

He stopped acting for five years, returned to the series “The Seven Commandments” in 2014, and achieved fame in the title role, during five episodes in the series “Nassabi and Qasmatk”, in his second season, through the character of Ziad, who was betrayed by his wife and his friend. In 2017, he announced his engagement to a girl outside the artistic community, called Rana Rachidi, and after two years, the pictures of their engagement, which was limited to the family, had been separated from “Rachidi”, when the images appeared.

He described his previous fiancee with her frequent sacrifices and her strong love for years: “I would have addressed one if I were to say, I did what I had from here for years before, and it will not suffice for her and her family to always prefer my head.”

The girl was subjected to criticism in their engagement dress, after completing the separation completely, so he considered at the time that the criticism was a fierce war led by his enemies, and defended his previous fiancee, last January, saying: “The people who spoke in an engagement dress closed from above (and they imagined that I was dressed in an abaya) and looked On a respectable girl, so that they would strike me, because if your father was tired a little, he would teach you that the harem is a red line.


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