Ahmed Hosam Mido .. 6 dismissals from 5 clubs in 6 years


The Board of Directors of the Egypt Clearinghouse announced today the dismissal Mido, technical team managerAnd, after yesterday’s loss against Pyramids by three against a goal in the 14th round matches of the league, where he played the clearing 14 games in the league with Mido, lost in 7 games and won in two games and tied in 5 games, to finish 15th in the ranking table with 11 points.

The dismissal suffered by Mido today is the sixth dismissal in his short training history, which extends to only 6 years, where Mido announced his retirement at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season, and he took over Zamalek training at the time of his first assignment and was then the youngest technical director in the history of Egypt where he was He is only 31 years old.

Mido was removed from all the teams that he trained, namely: Zamalek and took over the job in two periods and was sacked in the two states, the Ismaili, the Tigris Valley, the Saudi unit, and finally Egypt for clearing, and thus, Mido was removed from 5 clubs in 6 training periods over only 6 years, which is his training age, And all the dismissals were due to poor results and the deterioration of the level of the teams he handles, except for only one club, which is the Saudi unit, which was dismissed because of its abuse in the right of a fan on social media.

The clearing club officials had decided to dismiss Ahmed Hossam Mido from the training of the Fayoumi team, on Wednesday morning, due to poor results, the last of which was the loss of Pyramids by three goals to one goal.

Mido informed the clearing players during his meeting with them in the morning training today, Wednesday, that the management decided to remove him from his post due to the bad reconciliation he needed with the Fayoumi team..

Gamal Omar will lead the training of the Fayoumi team temporarily, until a new technical manager is appointed to replace Mido in technical leadership, and will assist Ahmed Hussam, the clearing coach and former Fayoumi player..

The clearing is ranked 15th in the league standings with 11 points and has threatened to drop to the second division league next season.


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