Ahmed Mortada reveals Zamalek’s only condition for African super play in Qatar


Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a member of the board of the Zamalek Club, said in exclusive statements to the program from the other with Mohamed Shabana, on Shaabi FM radio, that Zamalek club always expresses its satisfaction with holding any sporting event in the UAE, especially the Egyptian Super between Al-Ahly and Zamalek and there is always welcome by the people Their Emirati.He hopes that the meeting between Al-Ahly and Zamalek will end well, as they represent the Egyptian football for what it reflects from history and civilization, and believes that there is no need for a separation between the two fans during this match because they are Egyptians, and the poles of the Egyptian football must appear in an honorable manner and the game will come out with the optimal model that befits the name Egypt and be on the responsibility.

He said that Zamalek improved his performance significantly with the coach of Carteron, the team managed to cohesion quickly, and the team came under pressure last season and managed to win most of the tournaments he participated in, stressing that Zamalek is competing this season for the league championship and digitally the team has a chance and did not end the first round and teams The score was not great but he needs to keep getting up.

He pointed out that Zamalek has not decided to qualify yet for the 8th round of the African Champions League and seeks to win in the upcoming meetings to settle its qualification early.

A member of the Board of Zamalek stressed that the decision of the Board of Directors is clear to refuse to compete in the African Super match in Qatar, and the matter is discussed in all its aspects, justifying this because of the severe hostility of the Egyptian state from the Qatari side and there are fears that the Zamalek mission is exposed to danger, and the African Union was informed of the position of Zamalek to take guarantees Necessary for the safety of the mission wherever the tournament is held.


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