Ahmed Mortada reveals Zamalek’s position on the African super


Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a member of the Zamalek Club Board of Directors, stressed that the integrity of the team’s mission is the most important in relation to the African Super Cup.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) previously announced that Qatar will host the African Super Cup match between Zamalek and Tunisias Esperance on February 14th.

Ahmed Mortada said in statements to the program “Oh evening of lights,” “the decision of the Zamalek board of directors is clear, we refuse to run the African Super in Qatar.”

“The reasons have been clarified objectively,” he stressed.

He concluded, “Certainly, we hope to play the African Super match and meet a big team like Esperance, but in the end the safety of Zamalek is much more important.”

The board of directors of Zamalek club headed by Mortada Mansour decided to refuse to compete in the African Super in Qatar, and the President of Zamalek stated that the matter is at the table of state officials.


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