Ahmed Moussa displays a satirical video of the Qatari army’s training .. He comments: “terrifying” Video


The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, revealed the value of arms deals that Qatar has bought since 2017, noting that its value amounted to $ 58 billion.

Moussa added, during the presentation of the program “On My Responsibility” broadcast on the channel “Echo of the Country,” that Qatar bought its weapons from Russia, England, France and Italy, in order to obtain the support and support of these countries, and not for military objectives.

The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, ridiculed the training of the Qatari army, describing it as “terrifying and teaching.”

Moussa explained that Qatar is the most country that buys and throws weapons, because it does not have an army or a flight, and they leave their weapons in stores, adding that those who went from the Qataris to train in Rafale in France since 2016 have not returned yet. Moussa presented a video of the Qatari army’s training.

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