Ahmed Moussa reveals Turkey’s reaction after Qadir 2020 maneuver


The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, commented on the opening of the Berenice military base and the Qadeer 2020 maneuver, saying: “The armed forces have added the possibility of providing fuel to the warplanes in the air, which indicates a strong professionalism from the heroes of the armed forces.”

Moussa added, during the presentation of the “On My Responsibility” program, broadcast on “Echo Al Balad” satellite channel, that the scene of supplying the aircraft with fuel in the air stopped before the Russians, Americans and Israelis, noting that the international media stopped in front of how the Egyptian army could provide fuel to the Egyptian fighters in the air. .The presenter of the program “On My Responsibility” also explained that the maneuver of the armed forces capable of 2020 made Khulusi Akar become a tour guide and geography professor, and he is no longer a defense minister.

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