Ahmed Nagy: Wait for Hani Soliman in the Egyptian national team


Ahmed Nagy, the new goalkeeper coachSmouha Al-Hani Suleiman, the Alexandrian team’s goalkeeper, is doing a good season, but he has a small problem, which is wasting time and promising to end this scourge.

Naji took charge of training Smouha goalkeepers within the new technical staff, led by Hamada Sedky.

Ahmed Nagy said in statements to Time Sport: “I specified matches that Hani Suleiman was deliberately wasting time on, then receiving goals in stoppage time,” adding

“We will work for Hani Suleiman to join Egypt, and he was already close to joining, and I heard his name more than once from Ayman Taher, the coach of the Pharaohs Guard, and Suleiman’s capabilities qualify him for that.”

He added: “I spoke with Omar Salah, the guard of Smouha, and blamed him for his lack of regularity in training during the recent period, because he is very technically excellent.”

Mohamed Farag Amer received the President of the Club Smouha, The new technical staff of the team, led by Hamada Sedky, Ahmed Nagy, the goalkeeper coach, Ahmed Abdel Fattah, the general coach, and Khamis Jaafar, the coach, and after a small session, everyone went to shake hands with the players inside the locker rooms and before the first training of the technical staff.

Hamada Sedky will make minor changes in the formation of the team during his next match against Ismaili, which will be held next Saturday at the Border Guard Stadium within the activities of the fourteenth round of the league. Hamada Sedky will hold a session with Faraj Amer, the club president, on Tuesday, to discuss the team’s support during The next stage.


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