Aida Riyad reveals her marriage to Muharram Fouad, saying, “I was angered by another man.”


Aida Riad talked about the relationship that her late fame Muharram Fouad had with her ex-husband, as well as all the scenes and crises that passed through them and occurred between them in their lives, especially because of his extreme jealousy over them, and stressed that it is one of the most things that made the problems increase between them and that he wanted them to leave a field Acting and showcasing for good.

Aida Riyad and her marriage to the late Muharram Fouad

It is also worth noting that Aida Riad confirmed during her conversation with the media, Raghda Shalhoub, on the “Long live sixes” program that is broadcast on Al-Nahar channel saying, “Muharram Fouad was about twenty years older than her, their marriage lasted about ten years, and drew attention to the fact that she did not choose to marry him She loved another person, and all the circumstances and crises separated them, and this made her marry forbidden until she ignited the other’s jealousy.

She also commented, “I was in love with someone else, but there were differences between us and many things happened. After that, a period of Muharram’s face, and I wanted to rage my old love,” she continued, saying, “During about six months, we were married… In the first I wanted to do any show, but then Al-Sho flip to the passport very hard, and I loved Muharram after that very much.

She drew attention to the fact that Muharram used to love her a lot but he was not a social person and loves to travel and go out, and he was very jealous for her, which made her frequently idle during the years of her marriage, and she added, “I changed it and it was western, meaning I was wearing a nude dress or was it a jaybile dress Naked while I was out of trouble to change as long as I am with him, but I do not want to leave alone with a group of companions and stay up late.


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