Aimee Sayyah sustains twins … See their first photo


Lebanese actress and media worker Amia Sayyah had two children, a male and a female, from her husband, Farid Najjar.According to (Gololi), the artist published the first picture of her two children, on her own account on “Instagram”, without revealing their features, and revealed their names, where she chose her daughter’s name “Kelly Maria”, and chose her son’s name “Tio Charbel”.

Amia expressed her great happiness at the arrival of her two children, saying: “We prayed for one miracle, God bless us two on a blessed Sunday 12/1-2020, Kelly Maria and Tio Sharpel made our family become composed of four people.”

The Lebanese actress added: “I cannot explain or explain the gratitude and happiness we feel. God bless children all over the world.” She has received many congratulatory comments from her fans.

Lebanese artist and media worker Amia Sayyah celebrated her wedding to Farid Al-Najjar after a love story they brought together in September 2014.

And Imia announced her pregnancy in her first child from her husband, Farid Al-Najjar, last September, and she gave the news to her lovers in a special way.

A woman appeared in the photo in the arms of her husband, who seemed to lay his hand on the belly of his swollen heart-shaped wife.

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