Akram Hosni in front of the Holy Kaaba: I was invited to all my love .. video


Complete the young artist Akram Hosny, Rituals of Umrah, and appeared in a video in front of the honorable Kaaba, and shared his followers and his audience with the footage of his presence in the Kaaba via Twitter, saying: “God honored me and completed the rituals of Umrah, and I was invited to all my beloved ones.”

The artist Akram Hosni published a video in front of the honorable Kaaba, through his official account on Twitter, and he said: “Praise be to God our Lord, honor me and die the rituals of Umrah.

While a large number of his followers commented on the video, wishing him to return safely and God accept it, and one of them said: “Call me, Akram.” Another said: “Our Lord accepts, O Lord, and do not forget us thanks to your prayers.” Another said: “God accepts you and promises us.” “.

It is noteworthy that the artist Akram Hosni participated in the play “technical failure”, which was shown in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last January 8 for a period of 5 days.

Chico, Hisham Majid, Akram Hosni, Ayten Amer, Nashwa Mustafa, Ismail Farghaly, composed and poems by Amir Tuaimeh participated in the work starring, Ahmed Shaker, Ahmed Waheed King’s music, directed by Utaka, and the play records the first experience of Akram Hosni and Hisham Majid And Chiko on stage, after presenting a number of comedies and soap operas during the past years.

The star Akram Hosni is preparing for a new movie directed by Mohamed Sami, and it has an initial name, which is “Client Zero”, written by Ayman Wattar, and supervised by Wael Abdullah, and after Hosni ends the period of mourning for his father, he will determine his final position on the film, and set his release dates, and the film. His events revolve around a comic frame about a goalkeeper who mocked many quarrels.

The film is scheduled to be released in the upcoming Eid Al-Adha season, and Akram Hosni will begin filming the movie after the end of the Ramadan drama season, because of his busyness in the series “Timon and Pumba” with the star Ahmed Fahmy, who is continuing his preparations at the present time in preparation for the start of filming, and will be produced by Synergy Company.

It should be mentioned that Hosni has left the accounts of director Sharif Arafa in his new film entitled “The Mongoose and the People”, despite the start of his preparations and equipment for the past period and the working sessions that took place between them, but Akram withdrew from the film amicably and in agreement with the director Sharif Arafa.


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