Al-Ahly and Al-Sahel star game postponed 48 hours


Mohamed Al-Ahly, CEO of Al-Ahly, said that the Al-Ahly match against the coastal star was postponed to January 26 instead of 24 the same month, pointing out that the Egyptian Federation addressed the African Union to postpone the match at the request of the security authorities and the African Union agreed and sent a message to Al-Ahly on the new match date on Sunday 26 January.

The first soccer team is drawn to the club Al-Ahly His counterpart Tanta today, Wednesday evening, in the confrontation that comes in the thirteenth round matches of the Egyptian league competitions, which are scheduled to be held at the stadium of Cairo International Stadium .

Al-Ahly achieved since the start of the season the full mark to top the table with 30 points, after its recent victory over Egypt Club with three goals to one goal, which is the tenth victory for Al-Ahly in a row, as the team did not falter in any meeting so far, and only two goals were settled. In a startling start for the defending champion.

Swiss Rene Filer, the technical manager of the team, held a session with the players, during which he called on them to temporarily close the African file in order to prepare for the local competition in the league championship, stressing the need to separate the two championships so that Al-Ahly can continue its victories and issue the league table, after the disappointing tie against Platinum to hold The team’s position before two rounds of the end of the group stage, which is scheduled to be held with the Tunisian coastal star and Hilal Sudanese teams, and Fyler stressed in his conversation with the players the need to follow the same previous steps in the league championship and close the African file, noting that the uncle And prepare for the match Etoile Sahel of Tunisia in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League will be in a timely manner.


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