Al-Ahly announces the return of Ramadan Sobhi to group training after 21 days


Started Ramadan Sobhy Under the supervision of Tariq Abdel Aziz, a qualification specialist for the technical apparatus, the player recently performed qualification training in the gym, and then light-running training in the stadium, provided that the light running of the qualifying program is carried out for a new stage of his qualification program to recover from a back muscle injury. The coming hours will witness the beginning of a new stage in his rehabilitation program by gradually increasing the rates of physical units, in preparation for his return to participate in the group exercise..

The player performed rays that proved the healing of rips by 80%, where the player needs a time period ranging from two to three weeks (21 days) at the latest to gradually return to group training, in preparation for placing him then at the disposal of the technical staff to involve him in the games gradually by pushing him In part of the matches progressively until his full physical strength is restored.

Ramadan Sobhy revealed that he will decide his position on continuing in the Red Fort during the coming month of June, and that he did not talk about amending the contract or extending the contract within Al-Ahly at the present time, and Sobhi clarified in TV statements, “Any player who wishes professionalism and my contract with Al-Ahly continues until the month of 6 and it is difficult Determine my position in the current period, and many things may happen until next June. “

Ramadan Sobhy commented on what was reported about his anger with Al-Ahly’s contract with Kahraba, saying, “My relationship is with good electrocution, and I am happy with Al-Ahly’s contract with him and the political injury does not last for 5 seasons. Playing in any center in the offensive area and under the order of the technical staff in any center, whether in the heart of the attack or the wing, and I and the electrified sisters since we were in the juniors of Al-Ahly and wish him success in the coming period, and he is able to appear well and the national needs and he has challenge and responsibility. “


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