Al-Ahly deal .. Rapid Vienna fans: Alio Badji was not up to the ambitions


Rapid Viennas first team soccer striker, Alio Badji, is close to moving to the ranks of Egypt’s Al-Ahly, the current winter league Mercatorato.

The deal is expected to be officially announced tomorrow, Friday, after Director of Sports Marketing, Amir Tawfiq, has finalized all details of the deal and agreed with Rapid Vienna to include Badji.

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Elio Badji, Rapid Vienna striker, Al Ahly's goal

The Austrian newspaper “Abseits” reported the opinions of Rapid Vienna fans about the player before his departure from the club through the famous forum “Austian Soccer Board” and it came as follows:

The first fan wrote: “It is a shame that Badji’s story ends with this hideous ending. I still remember the first time he appeared in front of Red Bull Salzburg, and he made a good level and everyone was branded with his talent, but he was not up to the ambitions.”

Another fan added: “It is a good thing for Badji to leave, all the best for him, may he succeed in Cairo.”

A third fan continued: “I am happy that Badji has left, because of his bad behavior against us, but Allio has a talent that he may be able to develop in the future with many other clubs, but his continuation with us will not help.”

A fourth fan commented: “It was difficult for him to continue more than that, after he raised the fans’ feelings when he wore the Red Bull Salzburg shirt, and he provoked us, but it is not only this but because of his modest level.”

A fifth fan expressed his opinion: “Badji has many advantages required in modern football, but he is at fault for his inability to control the ball and this is what he showed in the matches, and this is why I think his departure makes sense for Rapid Vienna.”

A sixth fan talked about Badji’s departure: “I think it is the best solution. I hope they will bring Zuki (one of the players in the Austrian league) instead.”

Rapid Vienna fans comment on Elio Badji's departure to Al-Ahly Club


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