Al-Ahly decides to rescind Walid Azzaros contract by mutual consent


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Al-Ahly club officials have decided to cancel the contract of Moroccan striker Walid Azzaro, the striker of the first football team, after the two parties reached a formula to end the contract with the player by mutual consent.

Rene Fyler, the team’s technical director, had expressed his desire to sign a new African striker, and he was not convinced of the level presented by Azzaro with the team in all the matches during which he took the technical leadership. Al-Ahly club officials ended all procedures with the Senegalese striker, Allio Bage, striker of the Austrian team Rapid Vienna, to join the ranks of the Red Castle during the current winter transfer period, and the club’s management officially announced the inclusion of the player for four and a half seasons. Al-Masry Al-Youm learned that the deal cost $ 2 million to the Austrian club, which Al-Ahly will pay in installments other than what the player will receive.

For his part, the director of football, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, said that after registering the player, he will participate in part of the upcoming Arab Contractors match in the league to prepare him to participate against the coastal star in the African Champions League.

And “Al-Masry Al-Youm” was alone in its number yesterday, with the news of the red castle officials resolving their stance towards the African striker, and their agreement with “Badji” to join the red castle for four and a half seasons. The “Feiler” had recommended the necessity of contracting with a distinguished spearhead during the current winter transfers to solve the crisis of numerical deficiency in the attackers.

The technical director identified “Geraldo” and “Azzaro” in order to replace one of them during that period, and Al-Ahly officials received no offers except for “Geraldo” from the Tunisian Sfaxien, as well as the desire of football officials in the club.

This comes at a time when the Angolan “Geraldo” rejected the idea of ​​loaning him during the current winter transfer period, and informed the club officials of his desire to complete his contract with the Red Fort, or grant him his dispensation in the event that the technical staff wanted not to keep him in the team list during the period Coming. Al-Ahly had received an offer from the Tunisian Sfaxian, in which he requested to borrow the Angolan “Geraldo” during the current winter transfer period, and “Feiler” agreed to complete the deal so that he could register the Senegalese striker, “Baji”, who is now on the threshold of joining the Red Fort. During the session that I met with Al-Ahly officials, the player expressed his strong desire to stay with Al-Ahly during the current period, especially that he did not get the full opportunity, and that the period in which he participated with Al-Ahly, whether in the current season or the elapsed season, he succeeded in making the difference with the testimony of everyone . After completing the agreement with «Azzaro» by canceling the contract by mutual consent, there were signs of hope on the horizon for the Angolan player to remain in the Red Fort until at least the end of the season, unless the two parties reached any new agreement within the next few hours.


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