Al-Ahly discusses with security the number of fans in front of the star, after the 10,000 tickets were sold out


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly Club, is in contact with security authorities to increase the number of fans in The coastal star match The African Championship after running out of tickets that were put up for the game recently, which numbered ten thousand tickets, and the Al-Ahly president wants to obtain the approvals of the security authorities to increase the number of fans and allow the presence of 10,000 other fans to attend the upcoming meeting that will be held the day after tomorrow, Sunday, the Peace Stadium in the round Fifth for the group stage in the African Champions League.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Morjane, the CEO of Al-Ahly Club, said: “The tickets for the Al-Ahly and Coastal Star game ran out immediately after being released to the public in less than three hours through my ticket system,” explaining that tickets were released at 12:00 pm within 45 minutes, 8,000 tickets were reserved, Its purchase has been confirmed and when it is 3:00 am, all tickets for “10,000” have been confirmed.

Al-Ahly occupies second place in Group Two with 7 points behind the coastal star, who led with 9 points, and the Spanish coach Juan Garrido, technical director of the Tunisian coastal star club, announced the exclusion of Ivorian Soleimani Coulibaly, the striker of the team from the list that will face Al-Ahly in the fifth round of the African Champions League..

It is reported that the Al-Ahly administration has announced the end of the Ivorian crisis, Soleimani Coulibaly, the former team player and the current Tunisian coastal star..

The coastal club’s official page on “Facebook” said that the Ivorian player left the main training session after feeling very tired in the muscles and the technical staff saw his exclusion from the match in order to preserve him from the injury injury.

Coulibaly had escaped without the knowledge of Al-Ahly in January 2017 without reasons, so the Red Castle decided to escalate the matter to the International Football Association (FIFA) to preserve the rights of the club.


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