Al-Ahly for Championships: CAF agreed to postpone the match of the coastal star in the African Champions League


Mohamed Morgan confirmed the club’s executive director Al-Ahly The Red and Coast Star match in the CAF Champions League has been postponed.

Al-Ahly plays in the second set with a championship African Champions League Companionship of the Tunisian coastal star, Zimbabwe Platinum and the Sudanese Crescent.

Marjan said in exclusive statements to “Championships”: “Al-Ahly and Al-Sahel star match was postponed to next January 26 instead of on 24th.”

He continued: “The delay was at the request of the security authorities after coordination between the Egyptian Federation and its African counterpart, K, who sent us a letter of the date of the delay.”

He concluded: “The Egyptian Federation addressed the Confederation of the African Union to postpone the match at the request of the security authorities, and I will send the approval to Al-Ahly.”

It is noteworthy that the coastal star leads the group with 9 points, and Al-Ahly in Al-Wasfa with 7 points, Al-Hilal comes third with 6 points, while Platinum appends the ranking with one point.

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