Al-Ahly opens the door to reserve tickets for the star on my ticket today


Open today, club officials Al-Ahly The electronic reservation section for Al-Ahly and Al-Sahel star tickets for next Sunday, which comes within the group stage matches of the African Champions League.

Reservation begins at twelve oclock noon on Tuesday, through the “My Ticket” website, and tickets will not be received without one “Fan ID” For the fan, who is extracted from the “My Ticket” website, and its existence is a prerequisite for obtaining match tickets, in the framework of cooperation with all parties involved in organizing and securing the match, in a way that preserves safety for all.

He added that the administration set the value of ticket prices as follows: 1000 pounds for “V.V.I.PAnd 500 pounds for “V.I.P“The first class is 200 pounds, the second class is 150 pounds, and the third class is 75 pounds.”

The Football Association received approval from the security authorities to attend 10,000 fans in the Al-Ahly match against the coastal star, and the Swiss coach Rene Filer, the technical manager of the first football team in the Al-Ahly club, set a special physical and technical program for Senegalese Alio Badji, the new team striker, and asked “Fyler” from Thomas Pinkel, loads planner, set up a special program for “Badji” to implement it over five days, before organizing in the group training for Al Ahly, and the technical staff led by Vyler seeks to physically and technically prepare Badji for his entry into team training and participating in matches with the team.


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