Al-Ahly receives a Saudi offer to borrow Walid Azzaro


Receive the club Al-Ahly, An offer from a Saudi League club to include striker Walid Azzaro during the current winter transfer window.

Walid Azzaro joined Al-Ahly in the summer of 2017, for 4 and a half seasons, coming from the new Al-Hassani club.

A source told “Batalat” that one of the Saudi clubs – whose name was not specified – borrowed Walid Azzaro until the end of the season with the intention of buying.

As “Tournaments” knew earlier, Al-Ahly informed Walid Azzaro of searching for an offer, because the technical staff did not want it to continue. See details.

Al-Maghrabi was excluded from the Al-Ahly match against Tanta, which was held yesterday, and Al-Ahmar settled it in his favor with five clean ones, before he was absent from Maran on Thursday.

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It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly is at the top of the Egyptian league table with 33 points.


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