Al-Ahly settled the Senegalese deal Badji for 22 million pounds


Al-Ahly club officials decided a near-final settlement of the Senegalese player, Alio Badji, the Austrian Austrian Rapid striker after the intensive negotiations led by Amir Tawfiq, club manager of contracts with the Austrian club and the player during the past hours. These negotiations paid off after the approach to settling the deal by Amir Tawfiq, who was in Austria To settle the deal.

The Senegalese striker welcomed the play for Al-Ahly, which helped facilitate the negotiations, especially since Rapid Vienna also had no objection to completing the deal, provided that a financial agreement was reached, which Prince Tawfiq is currently settling as the deal is approaching completion officially for one million and 500 thousand dollars.

Al-Ahly’s deal with the Senegalese striker comes after the Swiss coach, Rene Fyler, expressed his full belief in the capabilities of the Senegalese striker, as Feiler confirmed that the player will be completely beneficial to the Red Castle thanks to the high technical capabilities of the Senegalese striker. The Austrian has more than one advantage that made him agree to contract with him comes at the forefront, his young age is 22 years, which means that he can respond to the instructions of the technical staff quickly and develop his performance continuously as well as the team benefiting from it for many years as well as skills Clear technical and speed by which Etemz and resolve Ahli deal almost final compared to one million and 500 thousand dollars or nearly 22 million pounds.


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