Al-Badri: I do not pay attention to the terms of belittling the Egyptian group … I hope to include 8 new players


Hossam El-Badry, coach of the Egyptian team, stressed the strength of the second classification bDraw for the African qualifiers for the 2022 World CupNoting that the second classification is strong and has a long history in African championships such as Gabon, Badri said in statements to “On Sport”: “The Libyan team in the third level and Angola in the fourth have also sold long, and we see the teams of Angola in the Champions League heavily.” Adding that the group is not as easy as some claim.

Al-Badri added: “The group is not easy at all, the group is difficult, Gabon has players at a good and professional level.” He added: “Libya even if they do not have a league, they are a good team, but with our efforts and great desire we will try to provide everything.”

Al-Badri continued, “We follow all the players and communicate with the professionals, especially Mohamed Salah, Liverpool star, to check on them.”

The coach of the team explained, “I do not pay attention to the terms of reducing the Egypt group,” noting that “the team’s door is open to all, and the team needs harmony between players and needs additional pauses.” “I hope to include 8 new players in the next gathering.”

He concluded: “I am optimistic and we must prepare well, the group is not difficult and the Pharaohs’ organization respects all the teams in the group and will work extensively on preparing and preparing his team.” He added that he is very confident in the ability of the players and their great desire with the desire of all members of the technical staff to win and achieve the dream of the Egyptians. And qualify for the World Cup.

The draw for the second round of the African qualifiers for the next edition of the 2022 World Cup, resulted in the occurrence of National team Within the sixth group with the teams of Gabon, Libya, Angola, during the draw, which was held today in a hotel in Cairo with the participation of many stars and officials of the teams.

The national team plays with the other teams in the six rounds in the qualifying rounds during the following days:

First round: from 5 to 13 October 2020

The second round: from November 9 to 17, 2020

The third and fourth rounds: from 22 to 30 March 2021

Fifth round: from August 30 to September 7, 2021

Sixth Round: From 4 to 12 October 2021


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