Al-Bawaba News: The confessions of the accused of the murder of a foreigner in Nasr City: “A woman cut from a tree”


The accused of killing a foreign woman in Nasr City made detailed confessions in front of the East Cairo Public Prosecution, where he said: He came from his hometown in Assiut to work in contracting in East Cairo, and there he met a foreign woman, who had an apartment under finishing, so he took advantage of this and deluded him with his kindness and his ability to help her To eliminate her needs due to her old age.

The defendant indicated that he wanted to marry one of the girls from his village, but her family rejected him because of his lack of trick and poverty and his inability to buy a network or provide a suitable residence for their daughter, so he went back to Cairo to work, went to the old lady and found her alone living alone and not visited by anyone, so he had an idea in mind I stole it, saying: “Six trees were cut off from a tree that no one else could ask about.” Then he lured her in the pretext of seeing the last finishes in her apartment in Heliopolis. Once she entered her, he tricked her and snuck behind her and strangled her with a rope and did not leave her until after she confirmed her death.

The defendant continued that, after that, he stole the victim’s mobile phone and a sum of 400 pounds and the keys thereof, and went to the apartment to live in it, and seized from it (a gold ring – a computer “laptop” – charger – a mobile phone – Visa Card – 2 storage units) External “flash” – quantity of accessories – crystal candlestick).

Major General Nabil Salim, director of the Capital Investigation Department, received a first notification from Nasr City Police Department that an unpleasant smell was emitted from inside an apartment located in the Department’s Department.

By moving and examining, the body of a woman holding the nationality of a foreign country, 72 years old, residing in the Heliopolis Police Department department, “the owner of the apartment in question,” was found on her face in the hall of the apartment in question “under finishing” in a decomposing case and wrapped around her neck, a rope showing the presence of blood traces on the floor The lounge, the safety of all apartment outlets.

By conducting investigations and collecting information, it was found that the perpetrator was unemployed, 26-years-old, residing in the Al-Khusus area of ​​Qaliubiya and his hometown in Assiut).

After the codification of the procedures, he was targeted and seized .. In facing him, he confessed to committing the incident and admitted a precedent that he knew of the victim and his reluctance on her to live in her place to fulfill her needs, and due to his passing with distress Financial and his knowledge of the richness of the victim was borne in his mind the idea of ​​disposal and theft, and in this way he took her from her residence to the apartment in question to finish some of the renovations in it, and during that he dragged her and strangled her using a rope until she died, and seized (her mobile phone – a sum of 400 pounds – The keys to it) and went to the apartment, which he inhabited and seized from inside it (gold ring – laptop computer – charger – mobile phone – visa card – 2 external storage unit “flash” – a quantity of accessories – crystal candlestick).

He was instructed to seize all the stolen goods that were seized in his residence.

Legal action taken.

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