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The series of the resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel, the seventh episode 7, We reached with you to the date set for the presentation of the seventh episode of the series, the founder Othman Al-Ghazi, after it was postponed two weeks by the producing company, due to the New Year’s holiday, which worked to postpone all the Turkish series, not the founder Othman only, and everyone might be watching the presentation of the seventh episode of The resurrection of Othman Ali, the official channel carrying the atv, which showed the teaser of the episode through its page on social media, and it got a very high view rate.

Resurrection Osman bin Artgrel series, the seventh episode 7, the location of light

The founder Othman is a historical drama series, which appeared after the end of the fifth season of the Artegral Resurrection series, which achieved great success, and the Osman series is a continuation of the resurrection of Artgrel, where the events of the series revolve around the establishment of the Ottoman Empire and its transfer from poverty and loss to strength and solidity by Othman, which is the third (And the youngest) Artgrel’s sons, succeeding his father after his death, and following in his footsteps to achieve great victories, and establishing the Ottoman Empire, only 6 episodes of the series have been shown, and they achieved very great success for the producing company, and very high revenues, especially as the series carries historical events, Which is of importance to millions.

Resurrection Osman

The date of displaying the resurrection of Osman 7 after the postponement

The events of the seventh episode of Founder Osman series Al-Ghazi today, Wednesday 15/1/2020, on Turkish ATV channel exclusively at exactly eight oclock in the evening, the time of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and nine oclock in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia time. Savas, Nur ad-Din Sunmaz and Aslan Karalar.

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