Al-Fajr Gate: Kora Live Watch Al-Ahly and Tanta match Live broadcast today 15 – 1


Koura Online Follow the live broadcasts of the Al-Ahly club match with the Tanta team that will be held today, Wednesday 15 January, in KOORAHD in the match that will bring the two teams to the Cairo International Stadium within the thirteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League championship YALA SHOOOT PLUS.

Yalla Koura The Al-Ahly club seeks to achieve more victories in the coming period in order to settle the league championship early and Twitter at the top of the KOORA ONLINE ranking table after going through ten matches in the championship and achieving victory in all of them until now YALA LIVE and that will be a fiery match between the two clubs to achieve three points.

Jules Koura This match will take place between Al-Ahly and Tanta team at seven thirty in the evening, Cairo YALA KOORA time, while the match will take place at eight thirty in the evening, Mecca time, and at nine thirty in the evening, Emirates time, and at six thirty in the evening, the time of the Arab Maghreb GOAL KOORA.

Yalla Shot is exclusive while the Tanta team wants to escape from the bottom of the general league and achieve a victory that makes it a little away from this region, which is a great danger to the team in the coming period COOL KOORA and wants to stay in the league championship this season also after he climbed in the beginning of the current season with my team Aswan and FC Egypt KOORA STAR.


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