Al-Maghrabi, Ridouane Gayed, is a referee for the Ismaili and Alexandria federation in the Arab Championship


The Referees Committee of the Arab Union assigned a match management Ismaili Al-Ittihad of Alexandria in the second quarterfinals of the Mohammed VI Cup of Champions Clubs, the Arab Championship scheduled for January 24 at the Ismailia Stadium for Morocco, Radwan Jade and assisted by Akkad Mustafa and Hazakau for Hassan, in addition to the fourth referee Hilo bin Ibrahim, and the first match between the two teams in Alexandria ended in favor of the Dervishes with a goal without returning his record Mohamed Al-Shami, and the winner of the Al-Ittihad and Ismaili matches will face the winner from my total match (please with the winner from the Air Force and MCA).

The Arab Football Federation announced the application of video technology in the quarter-finals to ensure fairness between the teams, and Ismaili had surpassed Al-Jazira Emirati 4-0 in the total of the two games, while Al-Ittihad passed through Bahrain’s Muharraq with a total of 3-0 in both events.

The Dervish fans dream of continuing the good results of continuing the dream of winning the Arab Championship and going up the podiums for the first time in Ismaili history, and the yellow team is armed with its new coach Gomez and his promising stars Baher Al-Muhammadi, Abdul Rahman Magdi, Hammam Tariq and Mohammed Al-Shami.

The champion of the competition gets a huge financial reward to reach 6 million dollars, equivalent to 100 million Egyptian pounds, while the second-place holder gets 2.5 million dollars, equivalent to 42 million Egyptian pounds, while the clubs that qualify for the semi-finals receive 500 thousand dollars, and the quarter turn The final is 200 thousand dollars, and 150 thousand dollars for the teams qualified for the round of 16.

The Tunisian coastal star was crowned champion of the last version, which was held under the name of Zayed Cup for the Champions Clubs after its victory over the Saudi Al-Hilal 2-1 in the match held in the UAE city “Al Ain”.


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