Al-Masry Al-Youm publishes the last interview of the great artist Magda Al-Sabahi before her departure


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An unforgettable hour spent by Al-Masry Al-Youm in the hospitality of the great artist Magda Al-Sabahi. Her jokes and laughter dominated her whenever she remembered situations of her life with a lightness of her shadow that did not leave her.

The “Planet of the Arab Cinema” and “The Virgin of the Screen” .. were not dissuaded by her illness and the pain that she was complaining about and opened her heart in a dialogue that specialized for “Al-Masry Al-Youm” and hosted us with all kindness and generosity to restore her memories and positions of her life and work and her relationship with the stars of her generation.

And to commemorate the great artist who left our world today, Al-Masry Al-Youm is republishing The dialogue Which came after her honoring from the cinema industry room .. And to the details:

■ What would you like to honor the members of the Chamber of Film Industry after all these years, especially since you chaired the Chamber before?

– People are all tasteful and grateful for the efforts that I made, and their right to say to them I thank them for their beautiful recognition and appreciation for what I have provided.

■ One of the impressive scenes during the visit was kissing the artist Samir Sabry on your hand?

– Samir Sabry is one of the close and dear friends of Ali, and I am very happy with what I see, and he is always late for anything.

■ You were honored on Art Day years ago, do you remember the details of that honor?

Honoring was about my career and work, and art in general is a force that should not be neglected, and it has a great role in the advancement of society.

■ Do you watch any artwork right now?

I follow most of the conditions of Egypt, through my daughter Ghada, who keeps me up to date with what is happening and the President’s efforts to combat terrorism, maintain the stability of the country, and secure and reconstruct Egypt, and the terrorist events we are experiencing in Sinai. And uh, our army is tired and any Egyptian citizen if he does not care about politics Generally, the policy of his country is not valid, and he does not live with us in this world, because he lived in their heart and lived with them, so how does he not care about politics and stands next to his country as it passes by.

■ I feel love and appreciation for President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi?

– (Laughing wondering): “Who is the one who doesn’t love Al-Sisi?” I love him and his wife, Mrs. Intisar Al-Sisi, who loves him very much. I appreciate the president’s efforts to preserve Egypt.

Did you not pursue cinematography after you stopped acting?

– I was following the good and sweet films that were presented with fatigue and the cinema was hard, then I stopped following, but when someone tells me that there is a good movie, I follow it.

■ Who is the artist you most like working with and standing in front of?

– I was comfortable working with every artist who had his popularity and the love of the audience, Rushdie Abaza, for example, who does not like Rushdie Abaza and he plays with him !!, and Shukran Sarhan was a dear friend, and Yahya Shaheen was very close to me, and we presented together a number of important films, including “Where is my age And “the stranger” are very dear colleagues and ten will not be compensated, and I believe that such good feelings will not be repeated among the artists who came after us.

■ What do you remember from the scenes of photographing your work with these stars?

– Rushdie Abaza once delayed filming, so she carried a “shouma” and hid behind the studios door, and I was angry at him at the time. To suddenly hold me and the owl, the situation turned to humor and laughter. I was short and small in size, long and muscular.

■ What about Zaki Rustom, and was your relationship affected with your viewer with him in the movie “Where’s My Life?”

– Zaki Rustom was what we do not know, we struggle with him, his humiliation is very serious, we used to come to him and tell him that we will come with you, so he does not respond, he was a serious personality and we were all afraid of him, once he forgot to speak, pinched (laughing while remembering), I was standing before him and filming, and the dialogue that I say it is very long, and he forgot a sentence of dialogue, so he stopped me in the sentences that I will say, so he pinched it and remembered and continued, and whenever he forgot his pinch, he remembers, because he also forgot me if he stopped the dialogue, and I found him going to the director after the end of filming the scene, and asks him Madame Magda has a nervous condition ?, Every little bit short of me, and everything that is contraction?

■ During the filming of the movie, “Where is my age?”, She underwent horse riding training to present the scenes of horse riding.

– One of my hobbies was horse riding in my early fifties, and I presented a horse scene running fast when I ran from Zaki Rustem without Doppler.

■ How were your relationships with the stars of the beautiful time? Did jealousy keep you away or arouse sensitivities between you?

– We were all in love with each other, the competition did not occupy us, each one of the stars of this generation had a taste and color and different from the other, starting with Nadia Lotfy Habibi, whom I had a friendship with for many years and many sweet situations, and we visited and her longevity A duty and a stump with all the people, not just with me, and Nadia was very worried when she was exposed to a health crisis months ago and she did not calm down until she was reassured about, also Mary Fakhr Al-Din was kind and on her intention and a nice personality, we did not visit continuously, but he was tied by friendliness and we met at intervals, too Faten, dove, may God have mercy on her, we were not close friends, but we maintained a good relationship of friendship and fellowship Connections from time to time, because he did not have time for social life and continuous visits, I was optimized and produced a chair room film industry and Arby my daughter, so I did not have the time to get married, not married in my life, however, (complement jokingly) I got married Kei fathered Ghada.

■ You played an important role in the cinema industry through going into production and presenting signs in the Egyptian cinema .. How would you describe your career after all these years?

– Production is difficult, and satisfying all the people and workers in the film was never easy, everyone has his demands, and to reconcile the situation for everyone, this is a difficult and difficult task.

■ Have you been in difficult situations because of your work as a producer?

– While presenting the film “Leave the Sunnah”, I was surprised to hand them over to me to sign material matters during the filming of the film, and I was filming and the camera is on, and at the height of what I am working, they gave me the paper, but I fell in the name of the director Alireza, laughing and said, “Love laughing at me I laughed at them. ”

■ After all this tender-filled journey … Which films are closest to you?

– I loved everything my fans and lovers loved, beautiful, where are my ages, teenage girls, girls today and naked truth.

■ I have produced 6 religious and national films .. What about the summary of your experience in presenting them?

Religious and national films are a great value on the technical level. I aimed to have survival, history and value from these works, and to also present national films that have a role in society, but religious and historical films on the financial level have not gained anything from them, although they are very expensive and have no return. It is not trade, but it is for history, for the homeland and for art, and it carries influential sentences, her eyes shed as she remembers “the last sentence in the movie” The Age is a Moment “which was a patriotic act in which the phrase” Because Egypt lives is necessary for the most precious people to die “, I said it on my tongue during the movie.

No one has been making films like this in recent years. How do you see that?

– Because they deal with it with the logic of profit and loss, and do not compensate for what they pay in it, so no one produced it.

■ Female presence as products and actresses presenting championships and not next to heroes is no longer present either.

– Women have become a complement after our generation, and men are the basis in any movie.

■ I had the experience of directing once and saving a movie .. Tell us about that.

– It was a very big adventure, laughing while remembering, I had agreed with one of the directors on the production of the movie “Who Loved” in 1966 and expressed great welcome to that, and after I formally agreed with the staff of the representatives and technicians, an emergency occurred that prevented him from participating, and it was difficult to cancel Film production, so I made a decision to go into directing instead of the excuse director, and a number of distinguished direct assistants helped me in this, but I did not repeat work as a director, because directing is a more difficult profession than acting and production, as it requires talent, nerves, time and “muscles”, as I used to To stand in front of the camera and not behind it, I was not free and I had enough time to work As a director.

I did a single television job despite your long and busy career.

– The cinema is the survival and history of any actor, so I presented one series, “Short Short Life”, directed by Nour Al-Demerdash and shared with the star Salah Zulfikar.

■ Who do you like from the generation that succeeded you?

– I love Yosra very much, and Shaheen’s inspiration because she is “clear six” and has also produced in addition to her work as an actress, and she films and does not care about receiving prizes or not. Jadda, appreciates the great, and did not object to any of my observations, and he respects me and appreciates me, Sherif Khairy was his first role and presented it through the film as well.


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