Al-Nour website, urgent news, postponing the series of the Resurrection of Othman 7 .. The founder Othman, the seventh episode, translated via the full Yarmouk channel


The frequency of the new Yarmouk channel 2020 yarmouk, as the Yarmouk channel is one of the most frequencies sought by millions in various parts of the Arab world, where the channel achieved a lot of views in a short period due to its presentation of the series “The Founder Osman”, which is one of the most important Turkish series currently present and has attracted millions Followers and lovers from across the Arab world, especially Egypt and Turkey, for being one of the strongest historical series that discusses the period of the Ottoman Empire and many different Islamic conquests, and we will explain to you in the following lines the frequency of the new Yarmouk channel 2020 on Nilesat to watch the series The Turkish “Uthman Resurrection” so follow us ..

It is worth noting that the 7th episode of the Resurrection Osman EP 07 Kuruluş Osman 1 that was supposed to be shown today was postponed on Wednesday, January 15 through Turkish channel atv It has been postponed to the next Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

“Postponing the show”, Al-Nour’s new date, The Resurrection Osman series, Episode 7, Kuruluş Osman, translated into Arabic by new events and surprises

The frequency of the new Yarmouk channel 2020

The Yarmouk channel is broadcasted via the Nilesat satellite free of charge throughout the day without interruption, interruption or jamming. The channel gained a very wide reputation in a short period, especially after the announcement of the channel broadcasting the first part of the series of the Resurrection of Osman, which came as a continuation of the series “Artegral Resurrection”, which continued for a period Five full seasons and achieved millions of views and was able to form a large fan base from all over the Arab world in various groups and ages until it became one of the most watched series in the entire Arab world, and you can watch all the episodes of the series on the Yarmouk channel by setting your receivers on the The following frequency:

Channel nameSatellites Channel frequencyCoding ratepolarization
Yarmouk channelNile sat1167827500vertical

Osman’s resurrection on the Yarmouk channel

You can follow all the episodes of the first season of the Turkish political series “The Resurrection of Othman” on the Yarmouk channel screen every Thursday at 8 pm local time in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the ninth time in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and the channel will display the replay of the episode on Friday at one oclock in the Egyptian time for whom He was unable to watch the episode on its due date, and while you watch the Resurrection Osman series, you will get to know many historical details of the series of events, which makes the viewers in a state of constant anticipation to learn more and more about that special time period, we wish you to watch mm Taa.

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