“Al-Shorouk” publishes the details of the statement of the Renaissance Dam meeting in Washington: 6 items that pave the way for an agreement


Filling the dam lake in the flood months until reaching a level that enables the production of electricity … and the development of a mechanism to mitigate the damages of drought
Next meeting on January 28-29 in Washington to finalize a comprehensive agreement

The US Treasury Department published on its website a lengthy statement issued after the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Water Resources in Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan in the presence of the Minister of Treasury and the President of the World Bank, from January 13 to 15.The statement indicated progress in the four technical meetings between the Ministers of Water Resources and the previous two meetings in Washington, DC, the results of those meetings and their shared commitment to reach a comprehensive, cooperative, adaptive, sustainable and mutually beneficial agreement on the mobilization and operation of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

To this end, the ministers referred to 6 items that together represent a prelude to achieving a final agreement:

1- The dam will be filled in stages in an adaptive and cooperative manner that takes into account the hydrological conditions of the Blue Nile and the potential impact of the filling on the reservoirs and other dams in the riverbed.

2- The filling will take place during the rainy season, generally from July to August, and it will continue in September according to certain conditions.

3- The initial filling stage will provide a rapid raise to the water level in the dam lake at 595 meters above sea level, and early electricity generation, while providing appropriate mitigation measures for Egypt and Sudan in the event of severe drought during this stage.

4- The subsequent stages of filling will be implemented in accordance with an agreed mechanism that determines releases based on the hydrological conditions of the Blue Nile and the level of the Renaissance Dam Lake, which addresses the filling goals in Ethiopia and provides electricity generation and appropriate mitigation measures for Egypt and Sudan during long droughts.

5- When operating in the long run, the Renaissance Dam will operate according to a mechanism that will be determined later according to the hydrological conditions of the Blue Nile and the lake level that provides electricity generation, with measures taken to mitigate the effects of drought for Egypt and Sudan.

6- An effective coordination mechanism and dispute settlement provisions will be established.

The ministers agreed to meet again in Washington on January 28 and 29 to finalize a comprehensive agreement on the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam, and there will be technical and legal discussions until then.

The Ministers stressed that they are aware of the important benefits that could result from concluding an agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in terms of cross-border cooperation, regional development and economic integration, and stressed the importance of cooperation among them to improve the lives of the peoples of the three countries, and their commitment to reach an agreement.

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