Al-Watan exclusively publishes exciting details of the prosecution’s investigations of the slaughter of 7 in Kafr al-Dawwar – accidents


More than 10 days, people followed with a mixture of anger and sadness the details of the hideous massacre, which killed a whole family of 7, and which carried the new details contained in the order to refer the accused to the criminal, many surprises.

Al-Watan obtained a referral order submitted by the Public Prosecution to the Damanhour Criminal Court, in case No. 749 of 2020, the crimes of the Kafr al-Dawar Center, which are registered with No. 8 of 2020 all north of Damanhur, and the accused Sharif Abdullah Rajab Muhammad al-Zayat, “Mahbous,” 35 years old. , Butcher, Resident, “Izbat Al Thalajah – Central Line, Kafr El Dawwar Center.

According to the investigations of the Public Prosecution, that on the night of January 5, 2020 in the district of Kafr Al-Dawwar Center in Al-Buhaira Governorate, Husni Saad Ahmed Ali Hassan was deliberately killed, that the house of intent and determination was determined to kill him, and he remained calm and calm, and a reassuring thought managed to manage his crime and what His mind squeezed him from a firm plan, so he prepared a white weapon “a knife”, carried it and provided it to carry out his diabolical goal. He waited until the night came and his darkness prevailed, so he proceeded to what he intended and intended for the victim’s home to seek help from him, so the latter was deceived and believed his allegations, sent him a guest honored him, and as soon as Their council emptied them until they seized the prepared weapon, betrayed and surprised him with a stab, which was dropped To the ground, stabbed him Fanahal head, chest and shoulder and then slit the throats neck, and brought the fire with his own body, meaning that the loss of his soul as a result of its most recent appeal and burn injuries described the autopsy report, which claimed his life. This crime was accompanied and followed by five other crimes in the same time and place.

Investigations and confessions of the murderer showed terrifying and exciting details that took place at the crime scene, and that the murderer committed it, as it was found that he had slaughtered 6 of the victims, cremated their bodies, and that the seventh victim had breathed his last due to suffocation from the smoke of the fire.

Investigations revealed that, after committing the incident of the murder of the first victim – intentionally killing – Zainab Abdel-Aal Atiya, “the grandmother”, 65, the mother of the first victim, with premeditated insistence that the house of intent was determined and determined to kill those who objected to the execution of its target, as indicated by the impossibility of the previous accusation And as soon as Trama listened to her appeals from her son – the first victim – until the motherly affection pushed her to question his matter and came out to push for an aggression that took place on him, as soon as he sighted her, he stabbed her with her head with a strong, indifferent stab wound, reaching his age, tossed him, and then delivered her body to the fire with the intention of that loss Her soul, so he spoke of it as a result of stabbing and burning injury It is described in the anatomical report that claimed her life.

The wife received a stab wound in the chest and prejudiced herself to save her young and accused of suffocating her and setting fire to her body

Also, the case papers included that he intentionally killed – Rania Muhammad Shahat Awad, 35, the “wife” – with premeditated insistence that the intention and determination to kill those who object to carrying out his criminal intent as indicated, with the impotence of the first indictment and as soon as she came out, defend her husband The first one, even the most urgent, with a chest stab, so he was scared of it, terrified by the horror of what he had done, and she rushed to bleed blood to the room of her young, after she closed the door of the dwelling and tracked it and broke it, insisting on finishing her life as long as her whereabouts. She pounced and applied with both hands on her neck T. overflowed her soul to the maker, and then brought the flames her clothes and her body even managed them, meaning that the loss of her soul, the most recent result of the appeal and burn injuries described the autopsy report, which claimed her life.

The defendant killed the children with stab wounds to the neck, chest and shoulder and rejected their pleas

Investigations continued that he had completed his crimes by deliberately killing the young Shihab Hosni Ahmed, 15 years old, premeditatedly, that the intention and the determination to kill every witness to his previous crimes indicated with the impotence of previous accusations, for fear of exposing his order, and as soon as he finished killing the victim, The subject of the previous accusation, until it was the first child’s role, which he found only before his sympathy and hope, and that did not intercede for him and stabbed him with the same knife with the head, neck and chest until he fell to the ground included in his blood, then he took his body to drag him to the fire, throwing him to perish with it, with the intention of taking his soul, so he spoke to him As a result of the stabbing and burning injuries described in the adjective report Anatomical, which claimed his life.

In the case papers and the confessions of the accused, he intentionally killed the child, Abd al-Rahman Hosni Sa`d, with premeditated insistence that the house of intent and determined to kill every witness to his previous crimes for fear of being exposed, as soon as he finished his death of the victim, was the subject of the previous accusation until he was stabbed with the same knife With the back, neck and left shoulder, intended to take his life, so he caused the injuries described in the anatomical report that claimed his life.

Investigations stated that he intentionally set fire to a haunted place, which is the victim’s house, by delivering a rapid heat source with open flames to some of its contents. The fire spread and burned aside from it. As a result, two people were present, the two children Muhammad Hosni Saad Ahmed and Masoud Hosni. Saad Ahmad, where he paid for the first of them a blow with the same weapons that settled in the face of his neck and the previous fire extended to his body, so the injuries described by the anatomical characteristic report that claimed his life and applied to his hand on the second neck occurred until he lost his strength and left him thinking that he was dead, so he inhaled the gases rising from the fire and suffocated with it, so his soul was flooded To his innocence , And as described the autopsy report.

The intention of committing a felony to kill the first victim was to prepare for a misdemeanor of theft, so that at the same time and place he proceeded to steal the heads of cattle owned by the aforementioned from inside the barn attached to his residence, except that he stopped the impact of the crime for a reason that does not enter his will in it, which is his injury that exhausted him And it failed him to complete the theft, and his flight for fear of exposing his order, the order punished by Articles 1/45, 47, 217 and 321 of the Penal Code. B – A white “knife” weapon without justification of professional or professional necessity.


The accused has committed the felony and the misdemeanor punishable by Articles 230, 231, 234, 252, and 257 of the Penal Code and Articles 1 / 25bis, and 30, and of Law No. 394 of 1954 amended by Laws No. 26 of 1978, 165 of 1981, 5 of 1 2019, and Item No. (6) of Table No. (1) attached to the First Law as amended by Minister of Interior Resolution No. 1756 of 2007, and Articles 2, 116 bis of Law No. 12 of 1996 regarding the child amended by Law. After perusal of Article 214 of the Law Criminal procedures amended by Law 170 of 1981 .. We first order: to refer the case to the competent criminal court in the Alexandria Court of Appeals Chamber, to punish the Charges in accordance with the articles of impeachment the above statement, with the continued detention pending the case.

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