Al Watan Sport A tempting offer brings Azaru’s departure from Al-Ahly instead of Geraldo


03:48 am Thursday, January 16, 2020

A tempting offer brings Azaru's departure from Al-Ahly instead of Geraldo

Walid Azzaro

Moroccan pat Walid Azzaro, The club’s first team soccer striker Al-AhlyClosest to leave the ranks of the Red Castle, after an attractive offer arrived at the club to include it.

That offer comes after the Al-Ahly club management succeeded in providing a tempting Gulf contract for the player in terms of his departure in January so that Al-Ahly officials can register Senegalese Alliu Badji, the new striker who approached Al-Ahly to officially announce his contract based on Fyler’s wishes.

The weak Sfaxien offer brings Geraldo closer to stay

A source inside Al-Ahly club revealed that although Angolan Geraldo was informed of the departure in January, the player rejected the offer submitted to him by the Tunisian Sfaxien because of his poor annual salary, Azzaro is close to leaving, especially as Al-Ahly has a tempting offer for the Moroccan striker.

The source added that the next few days will witness the resolution of the fate of the late foreign player from the ranks of the Red Fort, as the player is waiting for the official presentation of Azzaro to arrive.


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