Al Watan Sport Khatib decides the fate of Azzaro and Saleh Jumaa


03:17 PM Saturday 18 January 2020

Khatib decides the fate of Azzaro and Saleh Jumaa

Mahmoud Al-Khatib and Syed Abdul Hafeez

Insiders revealed inside the club Al-Ahly, That the file of the two-team Walid Azzaro and Saleh Juma witnessed new developments on the background of their departure from the team during the current winter transfers.

The sources said in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan Sport”, that the club’s president, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, asked to present the crisis from start to finish in the last hours, after he learned that Friday had been cut off from the last training, and the same was the case for Azaro, who left the team camp in the last Tanta match, and was absent About training on the second day of the match without permission.

The source pointed out that, during the session held last Thursday at the club’s headquarters, Syed Abdul Hafeez, the ball director, asked all the recent developments and the requests of the duo, Saleh and Azzaro, and presented proposals from the planning committee about the duos position, especially in light of the state of division that appeared within the committee about the position the couple.

The source concluded that Al-Khatib asked everyone inside the club not to talk about the duos fate with the team during the current period, until a good solution was reached.

The club announced its contract with Senegalese Alliot Badji for 4 and a half years, coming from the Austrian Rapid Vienna team, to support the attack line, which threatens the survival of the Moroccan striker in the Red Fort.

At the same time, Jumaa is adhering to leaving Al-Ahly during the current winter transfer period, in light of his complete exclusion by the Swiss coach Rene Weiler.


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