Al Watan Sport Moroccan reports: Azzaro is out of Al-Ahly within hours .. and to reveal his next destination


03:27 PM Friday 17 January 2020

Moroccan reports: Azzaro is out of Al-Ahly within hours .. and to reveal his next destination

Azzar is the Al-Ahly player

Moroccan newspapers devoted wide spaces to talking about a crisis Walid Azzaro With Al-Ahly, during the recent period, which followed the interest of the Red Genie to include Austrian Alio Badji, who joined recently to be a player for the Red Team over the next four seasons.

The Moroccan newspaper “Al-Mukhtab” highlighted the fact that Walid Azzaro is now close to leaving Al-AhlyAnd his approach to the Saudi agreement, which is concerned with obtaining his services on loan for a period of 6 months, in a record deal, after leaving the accounts of his Swiss coach Rene Weiler.

The newspaper pointed out that the management of Al-Ahly club expressed initial approval to dispense with the player, who raised the banner of insubordination, in his absence from participating in the team’s training exercises on Thursday morning, and he was satisfied with running on the field and not going to the group training for the second day in a row.

As for the newspaper “Al-Maghrib Al-Youm”, it confirmed that the contract with Alio Badji is a pre-emptive step before Walid Azzaros departure from Al-Ahly in the coming hours, as the Moroccan refuses to sit on the bench of the red genie replacements, after it was one of its main elements over the past seasons.

According to the Moroccan newspaper, Al-Ahly is working on speeding Alio Dieng’s account at the expense of Walid Azaru, in order to rely on him during the upcoming matches, at the local and African levels, for Fyler’s full confidence in the player’s ability to go away with the league title holder.


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