Al Watan Sport “Neither proximity is comfortable with him, nor the distance is more capable than him” … How did the fans of Al-Ahly talk about Azzaro?


06:13 AM | Friday 17 January 2020

Walid Azzaro, Al-Ahly striker

“Neither proximity is comfortable for him, nor the distance is more appreciated by him”, perhaps those words from the song “I love you hate you” by the artist Amr Diab, are the mouthpiece of the fans of Al-Ahly club at the moment, about the position of Moroccan striker Walid Azaro, The Red Genie player, who is close to his departure from the Red Castle.

Al-Ahly club signed yesterday with the Senegalese star Alio Badji, the star of the Austrian club Rapid Vienna, to support his offensive line during the current winter transfers, which made the team forced to dispense with one of the foreigners currently in its ranks.

After Al-Ahly was choosing between Geraldo da Costa and Walid Azzaro to leave in the coming period, Al-Maghrabi approached leaving the Red Castle, especially after the problems he raised within the team during the last period due to his lack of participation, and his refusal to go out on loan to a Saudi league team.

Azaru’s crises inside the Red Castle recently made the player the subject of controversy among the fans of Al-Ahly, through social networking sites, until the Moroccan name has become one of the most frequently mentioned names on the microblogging site “Twitter”.

And after Al-Ahly fans were calling for his departure during the past periods due to his wasting of many easy opportunities in front of the goal, a large segment of the fans demanded that he remain in the team, and that he is one of the most important elements that must be exploited, and some bloggers have even put solutions for Feiler in order to keep the Moroccan inside the walls the Red Castle.

Al-Watan Sport reviews what Al-Ahly fans said to Walid Azaru after news of his departure.

How did Al-Ahly fans talk about Walid Azzaro after news of his departure from the team?

“Ahmed Saad” expressed his strong love for the Moroccan striker through a post in which he wrote: “The Ahly people discovered that he loved Azaru far from the opportunities he was missing, but seriously, his role was important in the stadium, I wish he would go out on loan and return again to Al-Ahly.”

Mustafa Ramadan demanded that Walid Azzaro stay in Al-Ahly with the departure of Giraldo da Costa in his place: “Al-Ahly must keep Azaru, and this will be the demand of the fans # Azzaro.”

“Mido” expressed his sorrow for Azaru’s departure from the team, spreading a picture of the player, commenting: “We love and support anyone who wears our club. Thank you for every moment of manhood that I played for the club and for the championships that I participated in achieving. ”

And an account in the name of “Magic” tweeted about Azaru saying: “# Azaru is called the torpedo and we will regret it by a section, if a player walks his numbers, it is enough that she will respond to any point. Salah, I stay with #turbide. ”

Muhammad expressed the condition of many of Al-Ahly’s fans through a photo of the player, commenting on it: “Gabelna pressure and sugar makes me insult and take sins, wasting chances of being lost, but by God I love him and I do not want him to walk and will be very, very agitated by him Azaru.”

And without “Sameh Adel” with the words of Ayman Bahjat Qamar in the song “I love you hate you” and a photo of the player: “# Azzaro, no proximity to his relatives, nor distance I appreciate him.”

“Mohamed Sayed” presented a different solution for Azaro staying in Al-Ahly through a photo of the player, commenting on it: “Let # Azaru play with the dragon of his war head 352. By God, there is no team in Africa that clogs with you.

Nada Shawky expressed the contradiction between the masses of Al-Ahly about the departure of Azaru with a picture commented on it: “You, what is your story? What is your story? ! “.

Tawfiq thanked Walid Azzaro after the news of his departure through a post in which he posted a photo of the player and commented: “Thank you for everything.”

“Muhammad Nabil” bid farewell to Azaru through a photo of the Moroccan, and commented on it: “The more striker of Al-Ahly and Habeto, regardless of the opportunities that are lost, but Brdo was the cause of joy many times, Azarro and claim, oh torpedo.”


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