Al Watan Sport Private .. now .. an urgent meeting of Al-Ahly president with the director of football due to “Azzaro”


08:41 PM | Thursday, January 16, 2020

Private .. now .. an urgent meeting of Al-Ahly’s president with the director of football due

Walid Azzaro

Mahmoud Al-Khatib is president of the club Al-Ahly Currently, at the club’s headquarters, to meet with football manager Syed Abdul Hafeez, to discuss the squad striker Walid Azzaro.

Azzaro informed Al-Ahly’s administration of his refusal to leave, whether through sale or lending, the amount of Al-Ahmar’s management of his desire to continue or terminate his contract if it was decided not to register him in the team’s list.

Abdel Hafeez is discussing with Al-Khatib the most appropriate decision to get out of this crisis, especially after contracting with Senegalese Alliou Badji, Al-Ahly has become required to abandon one of its foreign players.

Azzaro received an offer from the Saudi League during the past hours to borrow it 6 months with the intention of selling, but the player refuses the matter until now.

Al-Khatib and Abdul-Hafeez also discuss the file of the remaining departures, headed by Saleh Jum’a, Hussein Al-Sayed and Salah Mohsen, whether by sale or loan.


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