Al Watan Sport Special .. “Al-Watan Sport” publishes the date of registration of Badji in Al-Ahly list


08:19 PM | Thursday, January 16, 2020


Alio Badji

A source revealed inside the club Al-Ahly The Egyptian Football Association has addressed the Football Association in Austria in order to obtain the international card of Senegalese player Alio Badji, in order for the club to register the player in his local and African list.

The source continued in his private interview, that once the card is reached, the player will be registered in the team list in coordination with Al-Ahly club officials, stressing that the card will arrive on Saturday at the latest, or earlier, during the current hours.

He explained that the technical and administrative staff of the club are working during the current hours to determine the replacement player, whose name will be removed from the list for the team, indicating that it will be one of the duo Walid Azzaro and Geraldo.

The source concluded that the club is looking for offers to loan a pair to Geraldo or Azzaro, and the possibility of dispensing with any of them.


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