Al Watan Sport Special .. Geraldo receives an Emirati offer and an official fax within 48 hours


08:41 am Friday 17 January 2020

Special .. Geraldo receives an Emirati offer and an official fax within 48 hours


Angolan received Giraldo Da Costa, striker of the first team football in Al-Ahly Club, made an Emirati bid during the past few hours, in order to leave the ranks of the Red Castle this January, especially since Al-Ahly is choosing between the departure of the player or his teammate Walid Azaru, in order to restrict the new deal, Senegalese Alliou Badji.

Al-Watan Sport learned that Geraldo had spoken to his Angolan agent in the past hours, who confirmed that he owned an offer from one of the Emirates League clubs, which the player agreed to and informed Al-Ahly officials in order to know their wishes.

Because of the substantial financial compensation that Al-Ahly officials requested to agree to the final departure of Geraldo, Geraldo agreed with Al-Ahly to send an offer stating his loan for a period of 6 months only, and the management of the Emirates club is scheduled to officially send the offer within the next 48 hours.

Al-Watan Sport also learned that Geraldo agreed with the management of the Emirati club on the financial compensation that he will receive during the next 6 months, and it is scheduled that the next few hours will witness a major development in the end of the crisis of the late alien from the ranks of the Red Fort to register Alio Badji.

Al-Ahly’s intention is to agree to the approval of Geraldo’s departure to the UAE, despite Fyler’s adherence to the player’s services, due to Azaro’s refusal to leave Al-Ahly whether by sale or loan.

Officially … Al-Ahly announces the contract with Alio Badji for 4 and a half years

Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts for Al-Ahly Club, announced that the Red Castle contracted the Senegalese Alliot Badji, striker of the Austrian team Rapid Vienna, for a period of 4 and a half years starting this month.

The player, accompanied by Amir Tawfiq, arrived in Cairo on Thursday evening and is scheduled to undergo a medical examination and then join the team’s training in preparation for participating in the upcoming matches, according to the technical staff’s vision.

The Swiss coach, Rene Weiler, asked the first team to support the team’s attack line during the current winter transfers, because the current striker Walid Azzaro, who is closest to leaving the Red Castle, retreated.


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