Al Watan Sport Urgent .. “Al-Watan Sport” reveals the latest details of the new Al-Ahly striker


03:29 PM Tuesday 14 January 2020


Elyke is a Swiss Luzern striker

An informed source revealed inside the ball administration Al-Ahly The club is close to completing the contract with a new striker to support the team, in light of the negotiations undertaken by the contracting director Amir Tawfiq, after the nominations of the football planning committee for a number of players during the past period.

The source said that the current period is witnessing an intensification of negotiations between the Al-Ahly administration and a number of players, led by Frenchman Harlem Genouiry, striker of Romanian Steaua Bucharest, who was placed by Swiss Rene Vyler, at the head of the nominations to join Al-Ahly, and lead the team’s attack.

And the source blew a surprisingly high-caliber surprise, after he revealed that the negotiations did not stop with the Nigerian Blessing Aliki, a striker for the Swiss Luzern, but he comes second to the candidates if the negotiations with the French Harlem Jnouiri stop or falter.

The source pointed out that Al-Ahly has a third option, which is the Jambi Ali Sui, who plays for the Bulgarian CSKA Sofia team, within the circle of nominations to support the team’s attack, a player who had negotiations during the recent period, through his agent, who nominated him to Al-Ahly.


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