Al Watan Sport Zamalek requests security guarantees to fight the “African Super”


08:47 AM | Tuesday 14 January 2020

Zamalek requests security guarantees to fight


Request President of Zamalek Club From all members of the board of directors not to speak in the file of the African super match in front of Esperance in Qatar, scheduled for next February 14, stressing that he is communicating with the security authorities to reach the final decision in terms of playing or not, and obtaining adequate guarantees to protect the mission when traveling to « The land of treachery, ”and that at that time he will announce all the details in a way that guarantees the protection of the club’s rights, and avoid the sanctions from the African Football Confederation“ enough ”.

On the other hand, the first football team of the Zamalek Club will go today to Hurghada, in preparation for the confrontation of El Gouna tomorrow, Wednesday at 5 pm in the framework of the thirteenth round matches of the General League competition, where the team will end its training at the club stadium in Mit Oqba, after which the technical director will announce a list Selected team to travel.

French Patrice Carteron, the team’s technical director, reassured the medical readiness of Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the team’s midfielder, after suffering an injury in the face of the last Zambian ZESCO with a head wound, requiring 6 stitches, and he is now ready, according to the medical system, to participate in facing El Gouna.

For his part, the technical manager of the team held a session before yesterday’s session with the players, in which he stressed that he does not have, in his technical calculations, a key player and another reserve, and everyone should make every effort to participate in the matches, especially after they all enjoy a good physical and technical condition, stressing that All the players on the list have participated in matches since the beginning of the season, which means that one player is not favored over another.

On a different level, Mohamed Sobhy, the team’s goalkeeper, called for his fate to be decided before the end of January so that he could join any team and participate mainly, and the guard spoke with the technical manager, and assured him of his fear of not participating with the team during the coming period, especially after the return of “Gensh” »And if he deals with him with calculations that he is the fourth goalkeeper in the team, he will not have an opportunity to participate, and his time will decline, and he will lose his place in the Olympic team in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Carteron asked Sobhi to wait until after the El Gouna match to discuss his position and convey to him that he understands his position, and in the event that there is an appropriate opportunity for him to participate mainly, he will not stand before him, but he must strive in practice during the current period to enter the formation of the team, such as confrontation Tanta, which mainly participated.


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