Alaa Abu Bakr by artist Mohamed Ramadan: “You are very provocative.”


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The journalist Dr. Alaa Abu Bakr, presenter of the “Egypt in the Heart” program, via the “Al-Mehwar” satellite channel, launched a severe attack on the artist Mohamed Ramadan, saying that he continues to provoke him to all Egyptians, noting that Mohamed Ramadan is a “very provocative” person who focuses on destroying youth through His songs and his fallen acts for his fans.

“Abu Bakr” added, during his “Egypt in the Heart” program, broadcast on the “Al-Mehwar” satellite channel, this Wednesday evening, that the lyrics of the songs of the artist Mohammed Ramadan are at the summit of masquerade and provocation and are not targeted at all and cause the destruction and loss of an entire generation of young people, demanding the artist Muhammad Ramadan by offering purposeful songs that benefit the youth and its fans so that we can build a new generation that is aware, smart and capable of taking responsibility.

He wrote a message to the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, saying: “You were a good start, and you recently started to back away from offering thug scenes. You must have a societal role during the coming period because what you do are considered totally immoral and your movements are very provocative.” He pointed out that the artist Muhammad Ramadan bears a great responsibility because millions of audiences listen to him and thus become a bad example for young people because of his subversive actions that affect the emotions of his great audience.

He pointed out that the Syndicate of Musical Professions “wished from Tayyib and Wooden from Ajin,” asking it to move quickly and monitor the work of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, because it negatively affects his large audience.


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