Algeria rejects all offers in a tender to purchase 15,000 tons of barley feed


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European traders said on Thursday that the General Organization for Nutrition and Poultry Breeding in Algeria rejected all offers and made no purchases in a tender for the purchase of 15,000 tons of animal barley feed, on Wednesday.

No offers were announced for the purchase of a total shipment of 15 thousand tons of corn, and 20 thousand tons of soy feed requested by Algeria as well.

It was reported that the lowest bid for barley feed was $ 219.90 per ton, including freight costs from Ukrainian origin, followed by a slight difference of $ 219.95 per ton, including freight costs from French origin.

Barley is offered from origin in the European Union and the Black Sea at a value of $ 222.47 per ton, including shipping costs. This offer includes British-made hair of $ 227.70 per ton, including shipping costs.

The public corporation is also believed to have rejected all offers that were in the range of $ 187.75 to $ 195 per ton, including shipping, in its most recent tender for barley feed on October 2.

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