Ali Ghazal announces via Yalla Koura his transfer to the Greek “Larissa”


Ali Ghazal, a former Portuguese player and the Egyptian national team, has announced the completion of his transfer to the ranks of Greek club Larissa during the ongoing winter transfers.

Ali Ghazal, he added in a special statement at night Koura today, Friday: “Praise be to God, she underwent a medical examination today and then signed for a season and a half with the Greek club Larissa.”

Ghazal indicated in his speech that his transfer to the ranks of the Larissa Club came through his Egyptian teammate Amr Warda, who plays for Larissa on loan from the Greek PAOK ranks.

Ghazal concluded his speech by noting that he would do his best with his team to help this season, hoping that the success would be his ally in his new step.

It is noteworthy that the Larissa team is ranked eighth in the Greek league table with 23 points, collected from 18 games, with 6 wins, 5 draws and 7 defeats.


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