Amazon declares war on “multiplied” products .. I know what will you do?


A recent report revealed that Amazon is planning to provide more data on counterfeit goods to law enforcement in another crackdown on counterfeit products listed on e-commerce sites, as the move comes as Amazon faces public scrutiny of how it is seizing alleged fake products and unsafe products on Its statute.

Many of the non-original products have reached many major brands, which has frustrated some from selling on Amazon at all. In the past, the world’s largest online retailer has reported authorities to counterfeit sellers.

But now, the company plans to disclose the merchant’s information to European and US federal authorities every time it confirms that counterfeit products have been sold to customers, increasing the frequency and volume of communications to law enforcement agencies, according to reports.

It is noteworthy that Amazon entered into an agreement with Apple in 2018, in order to rid its site of products from unlicensed merchants by the technology giant, and has filed a lawsuit against counterfeit sellers and launched a tool to remove counterfeit brands, which is a tense business with the aim of increasing profits from By offering more products to sell.

In recent weeks, Amazon has held meetings with government authorities and related organizations to discuss its new counterfeiting reporting strategy and how the company can increase its enforcement efforts, as the hope that Amazon data will help law enforcement make contacts about criminals, and according to the source, Amazon will report The merchant’s name, company name, product and contact information to the authorities, after confirming that the company was selling counterfeit products, closing the seller’s account, and the account owner does not make a successful appeal via regular Amazon operations.


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