Ambulance source: The number of Asyut microbus victims increased to 4 deaths


01:26 PM

Friday 17 January 2020

Assiut – Mahmoud Al-Ajmi:

A source in the ambulance facility in Assiut Governorate confirmed that the number of victims of a microbus van caps accident, today, Friday, in front of the village of Basra, which is affiliated with the Al-Fateh Center in Assiut Governorate, has risen to 4 deaths and 11 injuries.

Major General Asaad Al-Zakir, Director of Assiut Security, had received a notification from the rescue operations room, stating that a notification had been received from the people of Basra village in the Al-Fateh Center, that a taxi “microbus” had been stolen on the agricultural road “Assiut – Al-Badari”, which resulted in the deaths and injuries.

Initial investigations revealed that the accident occurred as a result of excessive speed and because of the presence of a watertightness that partially obscured vision, the driver’s steering wheel disruption and the collision of the car with a lighting pole, which led to the overturning of the car amid the plantations.

The injured were taken to Assiut University Hospital for treatment, and the necessary legal report was released from the incident, in preparation for the presentation to the Public Prosecution to conduct investigations.

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