American plane disposes of fuel on an elementary school … video


Los Angeles County officials opened an investigation that, on Tuesday, a plane dumped jet fuel on a stadium on its way to Los Angeles International Airport, wounding several people slightly.

Los Angeles Fire Department officials said they responded to a primary school fire in Park Avenue, Cudahy Suburb, after the plane apparently threw fuel on its way to the airport, according to the Washington Post.

Officials said that about 20 children and 11 adults complained of minor injuries, stressing that no one was taken to hospital and no evacuations.

For his part, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said that flight No. 89 from Delta Airlines declared a state of emergency after leaving the airport, then returned to the airport and “landed without any incident.”

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, fuel disposal procedures for aircraft traveling to or from any major airport in the United States require that fuel be dumped into designated uninhabited areas, usually at higher altitudes where fuel can disperse before it reaches Earth.

And when it is imperative to get rid of the fuel during its flight in the air, in such a case, the pilot does so to reduce the weight of the plane so that it can land safely, as this is done by flying the plane in circles to burn the fuel, and in the event of danger it is necessary to empty its tanks from him.

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